About us

The Future Now Network Foundation is registered as a charitable foundation. Its objective is to bring together individuals, initiatives and networks who are interested in and actively working towards the connection of an orientation towards the common good, including the approach of degrowth economics, and the dimension of conviviality (concept of the art of living together) within the context of an individual, cultural development of consciousness.

The Foundation sees itself as:
- a catalyst for the development of this type of sustainable approache and prototype, which can arise in tangible, everyday contexts.
- a gathering point for experiences which will be gained in related action networks.
- an instrument and inspirational space for networking in the German-speaking countries.
- a space of crystallisation for research and exploration of actions, supporting the abovementioned practical experiences.
- a space for reflection where the named levels can be checked to see if they are effective, both locally and in an international and intercultural sense.
- as a forum and part of the new public, global impact space for civil society, where successful prototypes and “Projects of Hope” can be documented, publicised and praised.