As well as providing information, the Future Now Foundation also wants to offer practical assistance to help start, network and strengthen “transition initiatives”.

Working together with others on social and cultural prototypes, the Foundation considers its role to be that of furthering the public interest by bringing together stakeholders from a variety of societal fields (business, governmental associations, NGOs and civil society networks) in order to distil out the values and greater goals which they have in common.

Embedded in a convivial, joyful and open togetherness that also provides a space for the inner development of these stakeholders, this will make possible the emergence of inspiring, co-creative ‘enabling spaces’ where practical, sustainable thought and action can be enlivened, developed and lived out.
There is already an action network in formation ("Future Now Action Network"), which is active regionally and nationally, putting the above-mentioned inspirations into action.
Further, the FNNF is in contact with a range of cooperating networks, with whom it is developing and implementing joint projects and activities.
Partners in this sense include:


- Institut für Orgodynamik

- Money Network Alliance (Monneta)

- Essbare Stadt Kassel e.V.