Guiding Principles

In a world characterised by a technologically influenced “bigger-better-quicker” mentality focussed exclusively on performance and efficiency and a belief in unrestricted economic growth which is threatening the very foundations of our existence and the quality of our lives, many people in the developed Global North are feeling increasingly overwhelmed as they try to cope with everyday life.
It is becoming more difficult to maintain any attempt to orient our work and life towards a deeper meaning and sense of fulfillment. There is a growing fear of being left behind or no longer belonging. A constant need to perform, competition and isolation are leading many people to suffer from burn-out, depression and feelings of alienation and hopelessness.

In light of this situation, at our foundation we would like to take another path and introduce new questions:

What world do we want to live in?
What is important to us?
What dreams do we want to manifest in our lives?
What will help us lead a well-lived life?
What do we really need?