Common Good

The common good begins at home, within me, in my own life, now!
We can extend our concern for our own well-lived life so broadly it will encompass concerns for others, our society, the wider world and our planet.
“Every being has an intrinsic value and a right to well-being. Enacting this right is best possible if everyone respects and works with each other instead of competing against each other to secure individual advantages. It will succeed if we are empathically interconnected and strive for successful relationships and community instead of accumulating personal material wealth.” (Christian Felber)
If we can understand that we are, at the same time, both unique individuals and also interconnected beings within a larger entity, then this understanding can grow. The common good is a timeless value common to all living wisdom traditions, spiritual schools and life-affirming religions.
“A need for warmth and intimacy seems to be growing ever stronger – a need for the common good, the commons and public interest. These are the keywords of all the social movements which arose during the eurocrisis. This crisis has obviously revealed a need for ‘we’. And this is a counterpoint to the selling off of public resources.” (Ulrike Guérot)