Culture of Conciousness

Currently we are witnessing an evolutionary dynamic within human consciousness. In an increasingly complex collective field of crises and challenges at both global and local levels, it is essential to develop new, comprehensive skills, values and attitudes. Here, the priority is the development of the potential within the whole human being, as part of a new culture of consciousness.  After all, the current crises are an expression of a crisis of consciousness.
The Foundation intends to promote and support the process of developing consciousness.
The basis for this is anchoring in the deepest levels of the potential we can live out. In this sense, spirituality is a basic human need and part of the conditio humana.
This type of spirituality is not based on any adopted system of belief and it does not proselytise. Instead, it is based on direct personal experiences, and as such it is individual and radical as well as universal and engaged. Its explorations are concerned with discovering our innermost treasures beyond any dogma, polarisation or promises of healing. And, once discovered, awakening them within each other.
A new, authentically lived culture of consciousness also needs universal ethics. This includes the assumption that our own behaviour shapes the world. It also encompasses a new type of togetherness, connection and appreciation. This culture regards the focus on the common good as a spiritual space where these powers can be supported together.